Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My artist, Shoshana Epsilon, is busily creating a masterpiece that will become my book trailer for my coming book BANDITS, that comes out JUNE 1st, 2011.


Book trailers are awesome compliments for book promotion. I simply love them and watch at least for to five a week. My artist actually creates each shot, then builds a mini-movie with snips of sentences to capture the plot of my books. Quite frankly, she spoils me. Usually we pick out the music just before she puts all of the frames together for me and my pub to review.

For a writer, this is a great topping to advertising because when posted to the internet... it sticks around for-ever :-D

A TEASE of the wording for BANDITS

Coming up with the short, snappy words that describe the book is probably the hardest. We go through several iterations to get it right. Here's what we have for BANDITS. Tell me what you think - there's still time for changes :-D

-The greatest heist in the universe
-Leads to Murder
-The key to the ultimate treasure sought with betrayal
-Daniel, a trained thief
-Races to retrieve it
-Before an unknown killer captures the prize
-Betrayal, Adventure, Love and Death
-Daniel, his cousin Faulk and Jade
-Have to uncover the secret
-That changed his father's life
-That will change his destiny and theirs

SO, if you want a quick read of BANDITS click here - also check out FREE Short Story from F. RAUSHAWN our debut writer and author of SPECTRUM.

Also, if you want to feed your BOOK TRAILER ADDICTION check out BLAZING TRAILERS...you'll get hooked.

IF YOU ARE NOT PUBLISHED YET - CREATE A BOOK TRAILER, it's a nice way to get the word out about your work in progress. I know lots of SOON TO BE PUBLISHED authors that have created a booktrailer. HERE's one from GEORGIA MCBRIDE for PRAEFATIO! She just got an agent and her book should be coming out hopefully by next year!


Happily Cheesy said...

Awesome. I need a trailer, but not for a book. Know anyone who specializes in "musical" trailers?

Catherine Stine said...

Sounds good! I definitely think trailers are great sales tools! Good luck with your pirate tale.

Kelly Hashway said...

I love book trailers! Mine just got released. I was lucky because my publisher made the trailer for me, which was great since I have no clue how to make one. Good luck with your book, LM.

LM Preston said...

Oh Kelly, do you have a link to yours? I'm gonna have to have a trailer spotlight *hummmm*

Legacy said...

I'm really curiuose as to how exactly these trailers get made. Jessie you said you had an artist make it for you how did that all work? if you don't mind me asking. I mean I'm nowhere near to getting published, but definately curious. How did you go about asking the artist to do it for you did he/she offer. You can't make them yourself right? Or is it just harder to make them yourself?
Thanks Jessie awesome blog.

LM Preston said...

You can get one well done for about $250 also you can got to www.animoto.com and create one. All you have to do is load the pictures from rights free sites and add in the workding and animoto will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

I've actually written a post on how to make a book trailer for free. I don't have it in my budget to pay for one, so I learned how to do it myself.

Here's the link to my do-it-yourself book trailer:http://writesbymoonlight.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/why-make-a-book-trailer-for-unpublished-book/

LM Preston said...

Thanks writes by moonlight :-D

Sulci Collective said...

I'm a big fan of book trailers but am always surprised when there are no examples of the actual text either scrolled across the screen or in voiceover. I do always think it 's important to give a small offering of one's writing style from the book?

Good luck with the release.

marc nash (21stCscribe)