Monday, January 3, 2011


Things I bet you didn’t know about game systems
With the holiday’s over and tons of kids getting an IPOD Touch, PS3, XBOX-360, and PSPs parents should realize what these games gives their kids access to.


Yep, word is that kids are using these devices to go to naughty websites – right under their parents noses. Due to these possibilities our game systems are located in places where everyone is able to see what is being played and how. Although, honestly I don’t have access to my son’s IPOD touch, but there are also free naughty downloads parents should watch out for on those devices and I do a spot check on my son’s device to make sure he hasn’t added anything inappropriate.


Now with many of these devices my kid can play online gaming. He doesn’t even hang out at friends houses as much anymore because he can play games with them online. Even speak to them via his head piece while they are playing. These games are highly addictive, even my daughter and son were logged in (and PS3 does a great screen split for multiple players).


When playing online gaming kids meet other people all over the world. Make sure you let them realize that PREDATORS hang out online in all forms, and meeting someone through gaming is a high possibility. Most boys can be approached in this manner and let them know that if someone wants to chat off the game website, don’t follow up with them. It could be a form of manipulation from a predator.


Play with them. Yep, I said it, play video games with your kids. Even though you are not that good, they will still enjoy it, and you will learn all this great stuff about gaming that you would never learn without spending quality time hanging out in your kid’s haunts. Besides that, they love it when you watch them play too! So grab a joystick and get to practicing your gaming.


Kelly Hashway said...

Wow! I had no idea they could do this. My daughter is too young for these things, but I still appreciate the heads up. I love your suggestion to play the games with your child. Parents really do need to show more of an interest in what their kids are doing, and it allows them to monitor their kids activities, too. Great post!

Mardel said...

Now that you mention it, it DOES seem obvious that with the internet they can access porn with their systems...but of course that's not anything we're thinking about when we think of our kids, online games and the systems. It's good to have it pointed out; Thanks.

salarsenッ said...

True that, LM. Staying on the same page with your kids is a must. Paying attention to what they watch and are exposed to is so important. We also try and keep 'playing' with these devices out of their bedrooms. lol

Anonymous said...

Also be careful with this one Internet game Roblex. My husband thought it was ok as it looked like Legos. Our son became obsessed with it to the point he broke a laptop. Later found in his class another child who had ADHD had the same behavior changes. Both children are 9. Scary.

Tabitha said...

Great info, thanks for sharing. The internet is such a great thing with all the info available to everyone. Unfortunately, it also means inappropriate info can reach children...

We have strict rules about game-playing in our house. Of course, my kids are still too young to worry about them surfing porn, but they could easily fall prey to predators. So we don't even let them have internet access on the game systems. Instead, we play as a family--I love video games anyway, so fun is had by all. :)

I'm not sure what we'll do as they get older, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Plus, technology is going to keep changing and I'm hoping someone will think to put optional limitations on the internet access.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Interesting...I feel like I'm behind on things like that. haha And I'm near the age range where most people DO know.

On a gaming note, I really want the Xbox 360 and Kinect. I never play video games, but my friend has this and it really IS a fun way to get up and start moving.


Pk Hrezo said...

Some of the best bonding time I have with my son is playing video games. It should be moderated for sure, but it's not all bad. We play Legend of Zelda and work together, talk, and plot. It's so great that I miss playing sometimes. :)

LM Preston said...

Hey you'll my family is full of game junkies. I love Just Dance on the Wii and so do my kids. My son and husband play COD on Ps3 and we also have the Xbox 360. Not to mention a nintendo we have packed somewhere. It's always best to hang out with your kids. You'll be amazed at what you learn.

Melissa said...

My mom used to play videogames with my sister and I and we all really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.

drey said...

Great post. I was looking at a DS for my son for Christmas, and decided to hold off another year. He does play on the 360 though--he loves Carcassonne and Lego Star Wars. Sometimes he plays alone, sometimes one of us plays with him. But we try to make sure that not all of his gaming is online. We just "broke in" a new board game as a matter of fact--Dominion. It's quite addicting, and my 7-yo loves it as much as he loves Small World. :)

C.D. Reimer said...

You may need to be extra careful about the new Nintendo 3DS for younger children as this Penny Arcade web comic clearly illustrates (tongue in cheek style).

Parents still have the responsibility to raise their young ones. As a video game tester for six years, I was frequently accused of ruining childhoods. However, I would point out that when I was growing up in 1970s, my mother took the broom to both the dog and I if we spent too much indoors. Too many children are living sheltered lives today.