Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Got an Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!! Yippee!

On Valentine's Day I was lucky enough to receive The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from Kelly Hashway at Thank you, Courtney!

Here's how the award goes:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave this award.

2. Share 4 guilty pleasures that you have.

3. Pass the award along to 6 other sweet blogs

Guilty Pleasures:

1. Cereal for Dinner -- I'm a sweet cereal addict and have a bad habit of eating it for dinner.

2. Watching Foreign Martial Arts Flicks -- I go to the local flea market and buy these babies 4 for $20 it is an obsession I can't seem to outgrow ever since I saw my first Bruce Lee Movie.

3. Baking -- I love to bake and eat what I bake, but since I have to watch my weight as a writer I don't bake as often.

4. Playing -- I enjoy making up games and playing with my kids. Hide and seek is my favorite where we hide candy to seek and who ever gets the most wins. I also like playing the monster - cruel I know.

Six Sweet Blogs:

1. Bookish In A Box

2. The Owl

3. WordSmithsonia

4. Kate The Book Buff

5. Book Reader's Heaven

6. Emma Micheals


Regina said...

What a great award. You are very deserving.

LM Preston said...

Thanks so much :-D

fredamans said...

Congrats on the award!

E. Arroyo said...