Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My best friend in High School lived in another town. She was pretty, perky, and best of all knew a lot of boys. One of her favorite things to do was to match make. Unfortunately for me, I was a glutton for punishment and went on 3 disaster dates due to her practicing being the new

She called and was like, "I've got the perfect one for you. I really do. I know what you like now. Took some practice, but trust me. I got this."

I generally told her off for her last 3 mishaps. The pock faced kid that picked his nose. The octopus that couldn't keep his hands to himself and the 'no show' that called to tell me that his girlfriend found out about me - Say what?!

But this one, she promised was perfect.

Well this time, I took it slow. I talked to the guy for about 2 months before I met him. Now we were supposed to mail each other pictures, but it never happened. Then eventually, we both decided to be surprised since we figured the major issues were cleared up. Like telling and confirming the basics of what we looked like. I didn’t count on tidbits from my match-maker friend. I asked him for references! Yep, I spoke to his buddies, and family members (like younger siblings who were too young to be jaded.)


Well, at the time I lived in the city. He lived in the suburbs in a nice neighborhood. But what I liked about him was he had street smarts from growing up in Grand Rapids / and Saginaw, MI. Even so, he was very intelligent and could speak ‘street’ and suburb like me. See, even though I lived in the city, I went to Catholic School where ‘proper’ English was only allowed. If you slipped into slang – you got slapped, literally!

So, he caught the Metro train, then the bus to my neighborhood. I took my ‘aunt’ along, who was more like a cousin. We were both the same age and she had explicate directions to scope out the bus and to take my ditch him with our made up excuse if the guy was a dud.

Now, the moment of truth – I laid eyes on him and was like, “WOWSA!” I literally had to gulp my heart back in my chest.

He looked at me and smiled (I believe he was thinking the same thing – but I was wrong.)

I stood there and grinned like a fool, then tripped forward as my cousin elbowed me. Oh…forgot she was still there. I whispered to her, “Beat it!” and she promptly left.

Then I looked back at him and he was frowning…yep, frowning. The first thing he said to me was, “Ummm, you don’t look like what I thought. Are you sure you’re 15? I mean…you are really small. How tall are you?”

Okay, yeah, I’m only about 5ft to his 6ft 2inches, but I was funsized!


Well, truth was, he was not cut out for long distance romance. I found out through a reliable source (his best friend who was ‘crushing on me’) that he was running around with another girl – heck a few other girls. So I confronted him and he fessed up the truth. Gotta say I was impressed with his honesty - as blunt as it was. However, he did warn me by saying, "Do you really want to know? Cause I'm not gonna lie." Now what person in their right mind will say, "Oh lie to me..." So I told him I could respect a dude that spoke the truth, but a liar, I'd never respect - so spill it. All he simply said was, "Yes, I've been seeing other people. You live too far away." And of course, I dumped him.


We decided to remain friends. And after 8 years of true friendship, we dated for about 3 months and have been married for 18years. So I lucked out and married my frog – who turned prince – after having 8 years to grow up.


Beth said...

Wow! That's a story, and if you were fun sized at 5'6 I dont want to know what I am.

Jessie Harrell said...

great story! sometimes ppl just need time to grow up. my sister-in-law recently married her high school/college sweetheart after multiple years of being apart. they both just needed time to grow up & now they're perfect together.

E.J. Wesley said...

Great story, LM! Congratulations on the 18 years, and I hope you have another 18 of happiness and health together.

Krista Ashe said...

Aw, I love this story!!! Congrats on 18 happy years!!! Here's to many, many more!!!

LM Preston said...

Thanks you all! The great thing is he truly is my best friend. Took 8 years of friendship for that to build, but the 18yrs have just flown by. For me not growing up with parents that have ever been married, he took a big chance on me. His parents have been married for 40 yrs so I just hope to be like them.

Catherine Stine said...

Pretty funny story!

cleemckenzie said...

Yep. You gotta give him points for honesty as crushing as it must have been at the time for you.

KarenG said...

What a fun story!! With a sweet happy ending.

Kelly Hashway said...

I love stories where people get back together later on like this!

Anonymous said...

Meant to be, just had to wait for the right time. Congrats on making 18 years.

B :) said...

Too cute! I always hope that I'll marry someone after years of a true friendship.

Congrats on the 18 years; here's to many, many more!

Ebyss said...

That is a great ending. Eighteen years. That's a looong time.