Monday, February 7, 2011

Where The Heck Is Prince Charming?!

(Don't you just love this off version of Princess and Prince?)

What’s the Deal with Disney Prince’s?

Okay, today I was chatting it up with a friend. We were talking about one of a girls most sizzling topics – MEN/BOYS and our Prince. Well, since I have two girls who love, love – love Disney films, as do I, I’ve seen most all of them to do with a Princess and a Prince.

However, I’ve realized that in the last two FairyTale based movies I’ve seen by Disney – something MAJOR has changed. The Prince in shining armor is a –WIMP, DEADBEAT, THIEF, LEECH and NO ACCOUNT, POOR, NO-JOB HAVING…cutie.

Yep, the only thing they left the Prince of today was good looks!


I’d say no way…okay, yeah in some ways. In the way that guys are human and are not infallible saviors to all that is female. Now as far as these Princesses taking a frog and turning them into a Prince…I can say it could happen. But mostly in real life – a person is who they are. They …themselves have to want to change, improve, and be responsible. So if your prospective Prince doesn’t have it together, don’t have expectations that you can change him. Give him his own time to grow up – and take time to grow up yourself too.


Now I can’t just say that Princess – Tiana got dogged out on the lack of a Prince Charming. Her Prince was attractive, and sort-of charming in a run around with many girls way. Rapunzel also had a cute deadbeat that she insisted on beating constantly with a frying pan to set him straight. Why couldn’t he be more charming, instead of conceited and a criminal?


Since we are talking Fairy Tales, I would like stronger Princesses that take charge of their situation and getting themselves saved. But can’t the Princess be strong and get the Handsome, Strong, Die Hard In Love with You, Saving…Prince Charming too?

Now Disney…go create that Fairy Tale!


Now for those out there that don't celebrate Valentine's day - my dear husband is with you. I however, will enjoy ANY opportunity to get or give candy. I also am just a loving person that likes to show those around me (friends, my man, or family) that hey - 'Somebody Loves You' nothing wrong with that. Now do I have to BUY something to say that, Heck no, lots of times I just make them something special. But you know what I do most of all? I don't expect it in return. When you love someone, you just do :-D

WHAT'S YOUR VALENTINES day FROG Prince or Princess story?
WHY don't or do you celebrate it?

AND if someone came up to you and gave you a gift - would you throw it back at them?


Her highness, Samantha Vérant said...

Ever4y day is Valentine's Day in my house. (hahahahaha) I found my Prince and I'm keeping him, regardless if "real life" takes over the fairy tale. If that makes sense?

Beth said...

I would not throw it back. I like gifts. As for Prince Charming, well my favorite movie is Cinderella and has been for 20 years. AND I DO NOT LIKE DEADBEATS!!!! (But, I would have never wasted my time w/ a deadbeat anyhow). I know what you're saying about the princesses needing to be stronger, and I know what it does to young girls to be surrounded by fairy tales with white knights saving the day, (although I do believe they exist). I just think that we've traded what that does to young girls for a new problem, because we lots of problems in our societies that advertising deadbeats as Princes isn't going to solve. Great post! I'm with you! And thanks for signing up for my blogfest.

Melissa said...

You know I agree with you. Where are the books with the strong female and the strong male lead. Why can't they both be there!

Kelly Hashway said...

I think Disney should learn from whoever made the movie Ever After. They depicted the Cinderella-like character as being very strong. The Prince was also strong but learned a lot from the Cinderella type.

salarsenッ said...

This goes along with a discussion I'm hoping to post next month about our responsibility as creators of worlds and characters, and how we influence others. What view do we give the younger gen? Do we have purpose? A message, or is it all hype? How do we plug reality or some for of realism into our fantastical worlds to move the young reader to be a better person? The whole 'look's thing is nice, but it's kind of empty after a while.

Jessie Harrell said...

The thing about the 2 most recent Disney princes is that they ARE good guys, they just didn't know it until they met the right girl. I have a very similar theme in DESTINED. I think it's important for girls to understand that NO guy (not even my beloved hubby) is perfect. There aren't any prince charmings and wishing for them creates unrealistic expectations and sets girls up for disappointment. But if they can recognize that even *slightly* flawed individuals can be better with love, I think that's an important lesson. (Which, of course, is to be distinguished from *majorly* flawed individuals, who should be avoided like the plague.)

Catherine Stine said...

I give Valentines candy to my hubby, my boys and my lit students.
As far as the prince issue, flawed heroes have been the norm for years and years now, in films, in books, in popular mythology. Not sure I see that changing anytime soon.

Melissa Buell said...

In my fantasy story, my MC is a very strong girl (who is also a princess) and the fact that she is strong is a problem for those around her. Her prince is not a deadbeat (yay!) but is attractive but not the classic "Prince Charming" of Disney-yore. I wanted a realistic (as realistic as a fantasy can get) view of love in my YA novel. :-)

Lisa Gail Green said...

Love your take on the prince charmings. I hear Disney has thrown in the towel on traditional fairy tales, which I find kind of sad.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

A prince with flaws, but charming because or in spite of them. A princess who's lovely, feminine, but also strong. These are the characters that make for a good story. In my opinion.

A. R. Campbell said...

Beauty and the Beast. Best Disney movie EVER. Belle is kind of the one who rescues the Beast, but he's definitely not a wimp. I mean, he can beat up wolves. I just wish he would get a haircut after he becomes a prince again. ...he could also use some work on those eyebrows, but after being a hairy beast for several years, I'm sure his eyebrows don't really bother him.

Avery said...

Every Princess needs a Prince Charming willing to do what it takes for her. And every Prince needs a Princess to do the same.

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