Thursday, June 14, 2012

FATHER's - YA Indie Blog Carnival!


Bet you didn't know it, but I actually wrote several of my books with strong Father's in them. Let me share a bit of them with you.

The Pack (Series)

Shamira's father, supports her, trains her and believes in her as he grooms her to be his successor in the Mars, Elite Security Force.

Book 1

Book 2

Bandits (Series)

Daniel's father showed his love for Daniel and his brother Nickel even after his death. He left them a legacy of change.

Book 1

Now this is a song I'm dedicated to all father's out there.

Welcome one of my favorite bands, CREED

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Alex said...

I love to see good stong fathers in books, there are so few.

Good for you for doing it, LM

Melissa Pearl said...

Very cool song, LM :) Love it.

Great post too. Strong father figures are definitely needed in the YA world.

LM Preston said...

Thank ya'll this is one of my favorite dad songs :-D My husband used to sing this to me when I was pregnant (all 5 times, lol!)