Monday, March 18, 2013

All The Authors That Inspired Me Along The Way

When I consider my writing journey, I'm shocked and humbled by the many authors I considered well experienced and totally have star power in my book, took the time to encourage me along the way.

Below is each author that have personally touched my life. I hope you consider checking out some of their books.

LA Banks 

I first learned about LA Banks when I was doing a booksigning at the Urban Knowledge bookstore. Before the signing I was browsing books and picked up the first book in her Vampire Huntress series. I feel in love with it as it featured an African American girl as a Vampire Slayer.

After reading her book I stalked (oops, uh, sought her out) using twitter and facebook for a guest spot on the twitter chat. She responded and we talked on the phone. I later invited her to the Maryland Writers Conference as a guest and she was so amazing! Sadly, she passed away due to cancer later that summer.

David Meadows

I met Dave at my day gig as an Engineer. He was one of my head managers. I happen to be talking to him in the coffee room and he mentioned going to his booksigning. I was so excited since I used to write but gave it up due to lake of time.

Dave told me to just write a page a day and I'll have a book at the end of the year. He encouraged me to start writing and introduced me to Jack Campbell who also wrote Scifi.

Jack Campbell

Oh, Jack was a joy to meet. After talking to Dave (above) he gave me a call. I found out that my husband loved his books and he even sent me signed copies!

He told me the ins and outs of submitting my novel and emailed me here and there through out the process to encourage me.

Jonathan Maberry

I met him because of the wonderful Mary Shaffer (former President of MBPA-Mid Atlantic Book Publishers) set up an event.

Jonathan was such a wonderful person. I told him about my journey, where I hoped to go with my writing and he opened his arms to me and told me if I ever needed anything to call him. In addition, he took my signed books?! (mine! Really he totally made my day!!!)

Also, my son and I read all of his Rot & Ruin series.

KL Brady

I first met KL Brady (Karla Brady) at a Maryland Writers Association meeting. She was giving a presentation called INDIE PUBLISHING ON THE CHEAP and she inspired me. After such time she actually got approached by a traditional publisher who re-published her book BUM MAGNET but that didn't stop her from her self-publishing journey. She published her Young Adult series herself as well as has her adult Chick Lit series published through Simon and Schustler.

Debbie Mack

I met Debbie at another meeting at Maryland Writer's Association. She shared her journey through a small press to publish her first novel then to later re-publish it. Not to mention she as been open to any questions I'd emailed her regarding publishing and building a good mystery.

ON YOUR JOURNEY YOU MEET MANY PEOPLE ...encouragers-Who has been yours?


J. A. Bennett said...

Geeze I have a lot of people that have helped me. Peggy Eddleman and David Powers King. Annalissa Crawford and Kelley Lynn. So many people to love!

LM Preston said...

Isn't it wonderful when you think about how supportive this community is? Makes it worth doing and sharing the support.