Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's B&N Done For You Lately?

Oh my oh my! Barnes and Nobles is on a rocky road. And my sales show it.

But, I am not giving up on one of the remaining large book retailers. I really want them to get their A-Game on since they are anticipating layoffs and the ebook sales I have with them have dropped a bit. Okay, enough for me to take notice.

As an Author ... SOME WAYS they can GET BACK in the GAME

Keep building better and better eReaders? Maybe, but with the changing of technology, maybe going trying to think forward thinking will help them.

Now it seems the wave of the future may be to go MOBILE with apps. And improvements with apps that let you read and purchase in one fine swoop.

With this shaky economy and the EVER changing book market, improving technology is the way to go.

I really hope B&N survives their current dive and re-surface the waters of book sales to really make others take notice. I would love to keep them around a lot longer.

As a READER...
I love my nook! As a reader I enjoy the apps I have on my phone for nook better and will probably keep being a prime supporter of them. In addition, I also do download books for my kindle app. I get frustrated with kindle since it doesn't update my ebooks on ALL my devices which nook does.

However, I have noticed that BOOKS A MILLION is on the rise in my area so ... stay tuned.


E.J. Wesley said...

Great post, LM. I think one way for B&N to rally is to use what they truly have over Amazon to their advantage. B&N has an established network of fancy 'real' stores--something Amazon has no interest in doing, I think. In short, they need to do a better job of bringing together the virtual and real world for readers and authors.

One huge step they need to make is this: Become THE author-friendly book retailer. Many authors are very jaded with Amazon right now for various reasons. The stage is set.

They do this by embracing Indies completely and without provision, from top-to-bottom as an organization. They demand their local stores do this, too. I realize many individual stores are Indie-friendly, but that seems to be very much at the whim of the local managers.

How to get friendly? Give Indie authors 70% royalty rates on ALL books. Let them do free book promotions without exclusivity contracts--basically, anything Amazon has done to tick off that crowd, do the opposite.

I've learned through my involvement in the New Adult movement that when Indies get behind something collectively, they get readers involved, and things change--and sometimes fast.

I know there is potential here of ruffling the feathers of big traditional publishers/authors, but it's time to embrace what READERS want, and what 'typical' authors are doing--tradition be damned.

Another big step would be to partner with Goodreads on a deep and official level. When authors do giveaways, etc. on Goodreads make sure there's a link to contact the local store and notify them, too. Connect those channels to the existing B&N customer lists and send out instant eMails, texts, etc. to let customers know a local author is doing something special, and that B&N supports them, too.

B&N needs to be in the business of pleasing readers and authors--exclusively. If they do that, I think they'll have a shot at surviving. Possibly even thriving.

Donna Yates said...

great post. I loved what you had to say. It will be interesting to see how B&N continues.

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Great post and great comments by EJ, too. It's time to embrace change.