Monday, March 25, 2013

Why do You Purchase Short-Story ebooks?

If you haven't heard, I'm having another short story of mine coming out this summer. It was a easy way for me to explore writing contemporary YA Romances.

With the ebook revolution the short story is making a BIG comeback. And I love it, and purchase many of them.

THE COMPANION short story:

This type of short ebook read is a companion short tease that is connected to the plot line of a larger full book series.

I usually will pick one of these up if I want to see if I may be interested in a series.


I love these. I read these when I'm going to be at the Doctors office, or want to read on a lunch break. If there is more than one book in a short story series, I'll by the first one and if I like it, I'll purchase all of the rest that are readily available.They are follow the typical series flair. Either they are all about the escapades of one character, a continuation of the first book, or contain similar theme or settings.


These are part of a serial or soap opera type book. It ends with some resolved issues but also with a cliff-hanger. I tend to try out the first 2 and only stick with it up to 5 then I want resolution. But that's just me. These tend to do really well if done correctly.



C. Lee McKenzie said...

I do like short stories. They suit me, especially when I'm traveling and don't have long uninterrupted periods to read.

Diane Carlisle said...

I would rather purchase a short story for $.99 than a full length novel for $2.99 or more.

Why? Because, if I'm disappointed in the short story, I'm out $.99 and a short period of time. If I'm disappointed in the novel, I'm out $2.99 or more AND a lot of my time.

Makes sense to me. :)

Kelly Hashway said...

I love short story ebooks and novellas because I can devour them quickly and they're so inexpensive. Win, win!

J.L. Campbell said...

I don't mind them, but I prefer novels. I'm wary of putting any more collections out though, since some people don't seem to look at what they're buying and then complain that the stories are too short.