Friday, December 10, 2010


I have always, always, always had a passion for karate flicks. I grew up when Bruce Lee was the hottest action star smoking. Everyone wanted to be in one of his movies. I even took martial arts because of my obsession with his movies. You would think I would have outgrown him and flicks like that, but I haven’t.

One of my hobbies or obsessions, is to go to the local flea market and purchase karate flicks. I talk the vendor down to 4 for $25 because I go so often.

THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITES!!!! Why? Because they have great kick a** moves, girls that have skills that blow your mind, and the fight scenes are drool worthy!

I remember a beta reader, an older guy, telling me that he absolutely loved my fight scences. He commented on how real they seemed. He wasn’t the only one. Many of my beta’s said they loved my descriptions and the defensive moves my smaller characters made.

Well I get a lot of my material from all of those years watching those Karate movies and wishing I was in them. Hey, some of the moves I even tried out on my baby brother (shhhhh…. Don’t tell him I told you that).

NINJA ASSASINS – the most recent Karate movie I went to purchase was brutal, yet beautiful. No it's not filled will all the things of good drama filled flicks, but it puts KILL BILL to shame with the sword play.

Now that you know all about my obsession, then you know why I love writing action filled YA and MG books. My love of these movies with cool moves, blood, a little romance, and fighting is addictive.

So if you want a rush, head online or to your local flea market or mall and pick up some kick a** foriegn karate flicks. They aren't much on plot, indepth story lines or romance but they are high on action! Just what I like.


Melanie said...

I studied martial arts for 4 years and I definitely find that it has greatly influenced and helped many scenes in my book.

That last movie looks very cool. Sort of a Chinese version of Charlie's Angels but with girls who look like they can really kick some serious ass.

Love me some Bruce Lee :-)

LM Preston said...

The girls are kidnapped and raised as assasins :-D and they are so good I enjoyed the ride.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommnedations!

I, too, love Bruce Lee.

Helen Ginger said...

I haven't seen too many karate films, and probably couldn't sit through the more bloody ones, but I've seen a few. Of the ones I've seen, I like the symmetry of the moves and the exactness when the scene is slowed down.