Friday, December 17, 2010


You know the feeling. Christmas comes and you are anticipating that one special gift you’ve been hinting at for months. You wake up at midnight, or meet up with your significant other, anxiously awaiting that special present and … it’s a bust.

You didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas. You didn’t get that ipod touch, that kindle, that engagement ring, that ‘I love you’ or that piece of jewelry from your boyfriend, or anything you really wanted for the Holidays.


Hold that face, plaster that smile on and BE grateful for whatever you get. I know it’s cliché’ that “Some people don’t get anything for Christmas.” But the cliché’ is true. Not only that remember the reason for the season is to GIVE and not to GET.


Wait it out. I always sock some money away during the holidays for after holiday shopping. I also encouraged my teens to do this. You know what? Now they ask me to give them 1 present to open for Christmas and to give them $175 to splurge with on New Year’s Eve.

Our tradition now is to have a skinny Christmas and to have a wonderful New Year’s by going on a shopping spree of savings. It’s a boon and even now the little ones are loving it.

Since we travel, that’s usually when we do our shopping for extended family since we don’t see them until two weeks after the holidays.

As far as the not getting the ‘I love you’ – Say it to the person you love instead. For not getting that special ring or jewelry from the said boyfriend – Buy it for yourself instead (that’ll make him wonder). If you can’t afford it – work towards it by saving and gifting yourself – there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself some love.


I know don’t throw snowballs at me, but re-gifting isn’t a bad thing. When I was in college, myself and some of my friends would bring back the stuff we got that we didn’t want and we would do trades. It was the most fun I’ve had when getting back from the break. I found some treasures during those swaps and so did my friends. Things that none of us wanted, we would donate.



Kelly Hashway said...

Honestly, I love giving presents. I love the look on the person's face when they open the gift and absolutely love it. My husband always says I'm an awesome gift giver because I put a lot of thought into what would make the receiver happy. I think that's why I don't really get disappointed when I don't get what I want. I know the gifter put thought into my present no matter what it is, and that's the most important thing.

Maria Zannini said...

I agree with Kelly. I'm the same way. But I've also reached an age where there isn't a whole lot that I do want anyway. It's more important to me to have my hubby and dogs with me, and friends that visit throughout the day.

LM Preston said...

I'm lucky that my family (kids included) aren't big on gifts. But there were times when they were younger when their face showed that we didn't quite get them what they expected, lol!

E.J. Wesley said...

Ha! I loved this! Practical and informative.

Catherine Stine said...

Funny topic!!! We already received a stinker from my hubby's aunt. She sent a huge box of candied pecans, and my hubby is not allowed to eat nuts, as he has diverticulitis! Plus, I dare not binge on them, as they are calorie-laden like crazy. His aunt knows about her nephew's condition, but she spaced it out. We are thinking of re-gifting it to our favorite guy at my car lot. *Heheheheheh*

Joann Swanson said...

Great advice!! The giving part is what gets me and the disappointment that comes with the "non reaction". I love your tradition of a skinny Christmas and a fat New Years. Awesome post!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Good advice. I was always told it's not the gift but the thought. I usually buy what I want for myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Saving for Christmas and splurging for New Year's is a really interesting idea . . .

Jen Daiker said...

Sometimes I wait it out, the gift is eventually utilized and I end up loving it. However if it comes to something I don't like, I can ship it to one of my sisters. Since we're all so different we're bound to like different things!

Just a reminder! Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest is this Monday! Melissa and I look forward to reading your entry!

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