Monday, July 9, 2012

Networking the tools of Inspiration

Let me just say that this year's first UtopYA has been one of the best events to feed my author's spirit in a long long time.

When I was first invited to attend I didn't have high expectations as this was their first year having an event such as this in Tennessee. However, I'd caught wind that some authors I've been following, stalking, adoring and just plain loved were going to be there.

However, let me say this was a pleasant and wonderful surprise ... Oh and guess what? There were a few male authors there also!

This is me and my fabulous summer intern, Cathy, doing the book giveaway and signing thing.

And would you know it, this was the first time I met Cathy face to face?! Oh and I met a litany of wonderful guest at this small cozy event. I also got to talk to just about all of them. Each author was open, inspiring, supportive and the entire event literally bought tears to my eyes with the amount of support given.

But to the biggie when going to these events - NETWORK!

- Step out your shell and say hello
- Exchange business cards and always follow up by tweeting, Facebook like/friend each person, and support their work
- Keep a catalog or spreadsheet of who you met and where
- And follow up with a tweet hello or facebook howdy!

This is how I've found great friends in this writing business, not to mention wonderful mentors. So don't be shy, get out and network so you realize that 'No' you aren't the only obsessive writer out there.

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