Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Vacation Inspires FLUTTER OF Luv

Hello ya'll, today is the first day of my FLUTTER Of LUV Blog Tour!


First stop is A Little Bit of R & R who'll be sharing a teaser of an excerpt from Flutter Of Luv.

SO, the Indie Carnival topic of the week, 'SUMMER VACATION' fits right in with my new Young Adult Romance, Flutter Of Luv.

The main character Dawn finds her first love during summer vacation. Isn't that the time when most of us have that fluttering of crushes that seem to come out like sand on a windblown beach as soon as the bikinis and swimming suits are put on?

The summer I found my first teenage love took place at summer karate class my mother enrolled me in. My gosh at 12yrs old I knew of love at first sight. The kid never paid me a bit of mind, but he didn't realize that in my daydreams - he was MY boyfriend.

Share with me your first summer love below? And check out some of the other blogs representing summer vacation during the Indie Carnival

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Also, find out details about the Flutter Of Luv - FACEBOOK Party and Twitter Party right here!

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