Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Does Book Purchase Habits Differ By Genre?

What genre books do you buy and does the format or the genre drive you?

Audio Books...I love to purchase non fiction books in audio

 Paperback Books...got to get those recipes, diet books, and thought provoking books in paperback- Oh, and all the Middle Grade Books are in paperback for my son.

Ebooks, ALL my fiction purchases so far this year for both my teen daughters and I have been in ebooks.

As an author of both Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, I have noticed that my sales numbers differ in formats, genre and sometimes subject matter.

Does your purchase habits differ depending on what kind of book you purchase? Or what you are purchasing it for?

I’ve noticed that my YA Romance Short Stories, sell pretty well via ebooks. It’s like some consumable that people just purchase the first one of and if they like it, then they buy all of them.

As for my Middle Grade releases they still have most of their sales in paperback.

For my scifi, mostly that’s purchased in ebooks also.

Now for my buying habits, I like to purchase my non-fiction in paperback. Usually because I still like to write in my non-fiction books. Either by taking notes or there’s just something about holding the page that makes me feel like I’m absorbing it more.

WHAT BOOKS DO YOU BUY, in what GENRE that have to be PAPERBACK or EBOOK? Like all your YA has to be paper? Or all your short stories have to be ebook?

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C. Lee McKenzie said...

I still like a hardcopy, but the digital format is great for packing and traveling. I buy both.