Monday, February 25, 2013

THE SECOND SIGN by Elizabeth Arroyo

So very excited to have author, Elizabeth Arroyo in the house! Can you give me a Woot!
We are here to celebrate her release, THE SECOND SIGN. 

The Second Sign
By Elizabeth Arroyo

The floorboards creaked under the Intruder as he walked up the aisle of the small church. Moving shadows crept along the walls, brought to life by the flickering candles that rimmed the nave. Looming carved pieces, depicting the last moments of the prophet vital to this particular religion’s history, hung between stained glass windows. The deity's name didn't matter, known as many different names in the world. What mattered was that people believed. 

Belief was power. 

The Intruder sauntered toward the altar, a hint of incense in the air. A stone baptismal fountain laid on the floor to his left, large enough to bathe a child or drown one depending on your intent. His eyes settled on the iconic figure crucified and displayed for all to see. He found a moment’s peace gazing up at the idolized portrayal of death. Crucifixion was a martyr's death, instilling fear in those that witnessed it. Fear begets conformity in all creatures. The Intruder looked down at his own palms, tracing his own scars with his thumb. 

There were many ways to kill a man. But only one way to kill a soul.

Genuflecting, he crossed himself as was the customary fashion, and then slid into a pew and leaned forward, his head bowed in reverence. He no longer prayed, had forgotten how over the many centuries. Memories were blurred in his mind, unable to remember his true name. The reference of time held no meaning for him. Nothing mattered but peace of mind. 

He lifted his head and gazed upon a statue of one of the Fallen. The Fallen's arm was raised high over his head as if to shield himself from an expected blow. A serpent coiled around his leg up his waist, its tail curled around his wrist holding him down to the base, his mouth open in a silent eternal scream. 

The Intruder knew one day he would meet the same fate. But not yet. He had work to finish still. Peace was all he wanted.

 He inhaled deeply. A door creaked and footsteps approached. The echoes pounded in his ears.
“May I help you?” a man's voice asked.

The Intruder scowled. Peace was never afforded to the wicked.


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SA Larsenッ said...

Elizabeth is wonderful. I had the pleasure of reading this book and loved it. Excited for the next one.

And ooh, I love your new header, LM. Nice!

E. Arroyo said...

Thanks for hosting me!
Thanks Sheri! =)

Josie Hink said...

I am loving this cover WOW!!!

Josette Schaber said...

WOOT! ;)
It is a great cover. Thanks for sharing on the blog. I love to learn about new books and authors.

salena said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win this giveaway :) I think the Cover is Amazing! Good Luck to all :)

Laurie Peterson said...

This sounds wonderful!
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