Friday, November 12, 2010


Long ago, I threw in my towel. Spending Thanksgiving cleaning before guest arrived, cooking all night, then cleaning up again got old. Sure I loved spending time with my extended family, but I was just plain tired. So I had a revelation….


That’s when we decided that for Thanksgiving we would travel. I’m going to post some of our Thanksgiving adventures as we lead up to the holiday. Of course now we go to Disneyworld every year (just a 14hr drive away from home). In going to Disneyworld we get 2 holidays for the price of one. We usually only do the parks for 1 day and purchase the much cheaper party tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Then we do a 3 day cruise (which I spend the entire year paying off - but that too is worth it.)

The first vacation though, was more like an adventure than a restful vacation. But great for family memories.


The false start

My dear husband decided to tell me on travel day, we needed an oil change. Jiffy Lube, told us we needed a headlight. I wanted to pay the $28 to have it installed. My he-man said he would do it and save us some money. Huh? C’mon it was just $28. Well needless to say..after he investigated the work needed, he realized he should've paid someone to do it. So we drove aimlessly in search of Jiffy Lube late at night. We gave up the search and DS’s hand’s were small enough to get the light in and we were finally on our way.

The medical emergency

After returning from Magic Kingdom (My HAPPY PLACE), my DH starts to complain of chest pains. Well I'm seriously concerned because he never complains of pain. Well after much deliberation on his part … I CALLED 911! Mind you it is now 2am in the morning and we have a CRUISE to catch !? This man told me “Worst case babe…you take the kids on the cruise” Was he insane?! I wasn’t going on a cruise and leave him in the hospital!

Anyway, we found out that he had “Gallstones” and then he proceeded to check himself out of the hospital AGAISNT DR’s Order’s (he didn’t tell me this until we were on the long ride home) to go on our cruise…we made it in the nick of time as I had to pick him up at 10am to catch the cruise ship 1 hour away in Tampa.

The ugly

We went on a Carnival Cruise. But, DS, was on the run from the camp director of the CO club as he was 14yrs old and wanted to be with other high schooler’s but she wouldn’t let him. She chased him, she called security on him and threatened to have him kept in his room. However, DS alluded her at every turn…I started to get the feeling the kid just liked tormenting her. He finally resigned to his fate and hung out with the dreaded "Middle Schooler's" since he was a High School was not so hard for him to fit in...He was instantly "Cool".

The race
Youngest DS’s shoe flipped off the ship while he was running the jogging track, and unfortunately the ship didn’t sell shoes his size, so he spent the rest of the trip barefoot.

Well while in the Caymans, my daughter lost her cruise card. We almost had to leave her there! Eek!



Mardel said...

No adventures like that - goodness. Enough to turn your hair white overnight!

But, I stopped cleaning bigtime before thanksgiving dinners...before any big dinners. We make sure the bathrooms are presentable and the dishes clean. then I like to spend time with the guest and I don't worry anymore if the house is spic and span. I just save my energy for the party. if my guests are too offended by a little clutter, or a lived in house, then they're not really friends.

Happy Thanks Giving!

E.J. Wesley said...

Brilliant idea, LM! Holidays can be so stressful, and when you have school-aged children it can really take away from the family time. (Which is what the holiday is intended for, after all.)