Thursday, November 18, 2010

YOUNG SAMURAI -The Way of the Sword-Review by NYIA

Please welcome guest TEEN REVIEWER: NYIA she loved Chris Bradford's book YOUNG SAMURAI, The Way of The Sword

Amazon Synopsis:
"After a vicious ninja attack left him orphaned and stranded in Japan, Jack Fletcher managed to complete his first year of samurai school. Still, his troubles are far from over. The prejudice of his Japanese classmates has gained him dangerous enemies within his school, and Dragon Eye – the ninja who killed his father – is still after him. Jack’s only hope of defeating them lies in surviving the Circle of Three: an ancient ritual that tests a samurai’s courage, skill, and spirit to the limit.

For most, gaining entry into the Circle means honor and glory, but for Jack it’s a matter of life or death. The winner will be trained in the Two Heavens—the formidable sword technique of the great samurai, Masamoto. Learning this secret is the only hope Jack has of protecting his father’s rutter -- the invaluable navigation guide of the world’s uncharted oceans -- from Dragon Eye.

Forced into a deadly battle, Jack’s going to have to master the Way of the Sword. And his time is running out."


I loved this book! Although this is the second book in the series (I didn't know that when I asked my mom to read it. I think she got it from some book conference she was at). The cover was interesting and made me think it was an action book. Anyways, this book had the best fight scenes ever (only problem was some went on for too long - so I took off 1 star because of it). The main character, Jack Kun (they added the Kun, because he was in Japan). Even though this was the second book the author gave a lot of history from the first book(a lot and if I had read the first book I would have got frustrated with it - I know this because after I read this I got the first book). He had a love interest, but it wasn't a lot. She was a friend and she ended up getting sick. Also, I liked that he was a foreigner who had to deal with some prejudice, but had friends to help him deal with it so he didn't get depressed or angry about the fact that in Japan at that time they wanted to kill all of the foreigners. He had to complete the three rings, but unfortunately he didn't get the hero's ending. The ending made me mad, because it was a cut off ending which made me so want to buy the next book. I give this 4 out of 5 stars, and after reading the first book, I say just start with this one. It's way better than book 1: The Way of the Warrior

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