Monday, November 8, 2010


Are you in nanowrimo? Do you want a tangible prize for your efforts besides just your first draft? Well YALITCHAT is giving you a prize. First Prize is a KINDLE!!!! Yep! Second Prize is a 25 pg critique of your Nanowrimo novel, Whoop! And Third Prize is a book pack with 2 Harper Collins books and RAMPANT by Rampant by Diana Peterfreund.

More contest details:


Here’s a blurb from the ‘About YAlitchat’ Page. It’s a free organization (some services require membership (like Agent Inbox where you can submit to lit agents partnering with Yalitchat and more!)


Mission Statement YALITCHAT
is a non-profit organization created to support the advancement of reading, writing and publishing of young adult literature around the world.

History and Founding YALITCHAT started as a chat on twitter in September 2009 by YA writer Georgia McBride. Georgia created the associated online community on Ning in November 2009. The non-profit organization was established in June 2010.
Member Meetings We meet weeky via #YALITCHAT, a chat held on twitter, Wednesdays at 9PM Eastern. There is usually an After Party here immediately following, open only to members. A full schedule of chats can be found on the official public website. Please check the schedule, as we have special chats during the year that fall outside of this schedule.

Additional Branded SitesFor those interested in following the #YALITCHAT hashtag all week long, please join the #YALITCHAT twibe (yes, you read that right) No involvement needed--just join. You'll be able to auto follow all members on twitter as well as keep up with the #YAlitchat hashtag all week long.


We meet on Wednesday nights, on twitter, just do a search on the hashtag #Yalitchat on Wed. at 8pm. If you can make it come check out our WEBSITE which is we have a tiered membership and offer great writer support where we don’t rip you up, we help you to become a better writer with the support of both published and an soon-to-be published authors we ban together to help each other.

HOW’d I Find them?

I started lurking around on twitter and saw hashtags for writers (hashtags are conversation keywords for different areas of interest you can search on in twitter. They usually start with #. For instance if you want to follow a conversation for YAlitchat just search on #Yalitchat in twitter.)

Not to mention, I’d hung out at some other writer’s forums only to be a little embarrassed by how mean spirited some of the regulars there were. But I didn’t give up, I kept searching out great places to hang out and YALitchat is just that.

NANOWRIMO What the heck is it?

National Writing Month! Your mission – write a novel of 50K words, which comes to about 175 pages. The truth is, try for the goal, but do your best which is way good enough!

Also, if you are doing nanowrimo, be my writing buddy :-D I’m lmpreston

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reading. writing. revolution. said...

best of luck to all the NaNo'ers. i'm not playing along this year -- last minute decision, but i think for the best.