Sunday, July 11, 2010

ECLIPSE Movie Review

I must be honest, I didn’t read all of the Twilight books. But I love the movies. Who wouldn’t? Two hot guys, vampires, werewolves fighting over a single girl. Neither boy can move on, they love her and only her and guess what? She gets to chose, after she samples both. This movie started off promising with a hint of suspense and a surprise. I settled in knowing from the great beginning that this was going to be a good one. There was the romantic triangle thing going on and the werewolves true story revealed. Bella’s love for Edward was tested and I’m sorry, I’m so in love with Jacob that my heart broke when she didn’t chose him. There was a vague villian that was stalking Bella trying to kill her which made her two hottie totties have to work together to keep her safe. It ended sweetly and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars, because my husband was with me and he vehemently disagreed that it was better than a 2 star. He argued that the story was incredibly unbelievable and the limited amount of action only lasted what seemed like 5 minutes. Whether you’ve read the book or not, this is an enjoyable movie.


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

At least your hubby went - mine refused, and it was probably just as well. I enjoyed this one the most (of the three movies so far). And I have to admit I'm Team Jacob in the movies as well! :) But Team Edward for the books.

I'm going to see it (again!) with my niece when I visit her in a couple weeks in CA. Should be fun! :)

LM Preston said...

Quite frankly, I wish he would've just let me go with my daughter (who agreed with me on a 5 star vamp movie rating) But since he reads my blog, I had to put in his male pov.