Monday, July 26, 2010



I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time. I’ve realized the importance of cheerleaders. My daughter’s were cheerleaders for awhile and I never understood how it all started. I figure it started since we were born. Ideally our parents act as our cheerleaders. Then hey, it migrated to sports which is all about having a ‘can win’ attitude.


When you have someone cheering for you, you push harder. I’ve been lucky to be my own personal cheerleader as well as to have a wealth of others cheering me on. Their voices push me harder, farther and beyond what I’ve ever thought I could accomplish in my life.

If you are going into any career or trying to reach any dream, constantly cheer yourself on. Also, surround yourself with supportive and inspirational people who you can cheer on also.

Pull out one moment in time where having others encourage you have allowed you to push yourself further than you’ve ever thought possible. I have millions of those moments.


It’s okay to talk to yourself in the mirror. To constantly remind yourself that you can do anything. That a “No” is NOT your final answer. That you are strong enough to fight through whatever and to win your own personal prize in the end. That prize can be ultimate success, knowledge, understanding about yourself or a stepping stone to a future nugget of gold.

When you’ve done that, accomplished that one hurdle, push on. Push further. Do more, and spread the wealth by helping others to accomplish their dreams by telling them they can and lifting them up when they stumble.


Remember that saying “sticks and stones” well it still applies. What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger, better, and appreciative of the victory over that circumstance.

As a writer you learn to push through walls, constant rejection from the beginning of the sales process to the beyond. Hopefully, it’s an experience that not only strengthens you in your writing career, but all aspects of life.

Those rejection letters from agents, those that said I shouldn’t do this, those that mark my success as failure all help me become stronger. Stregth that can be used to overcome any obstacle. I believe writers, actors, music producers even our President are truly strong to be able to face down all hurdles to accomplish their dreams in spite of others.

Do you know how they did it? I do – their secret weapon – A CHEERLEADER :-D

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Adventures in Children's Publishing said...

Terrific post. Cheerleaders are truly necessary in this business. But I love that you focus on being your own cheerleader. No one can push yourself as hard as you can when it gets down to writing, querying, and picking yourself up after being knocked down.


cleemckenzie said...

I can especially relate to the "cheer yourself on" part. That is often the hardest part of this writing business. Its nice to read what I know, but often forget when I'm in the middle of this process. Thank you.

Buffy Andrews said...

I'm doing a cheer right now for you! You are so right. It's like when you go to Weight Watchers with a buddy. He or she is there to cheer you on when you weigh in and have gained or you're struggling with wanting to eat a bag of Oreos. We all need cheerleaders. They keep us going when it would be easy to give up. Have a super day.

LM Preston said...

Yay! I cheer all of you on. We writer's are a tough breed. Ever hopeful with depth of emotion which we pour into our work. Thanks for dropping in :-D

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