Friday, July 30, 2010


Yep, the day soon approaches. D-DAY. Release Day! Yippee! If you haven’t gotten your party favor yet, this is the last week for getting a free book. Sunday, August 1st is the birthday for THE PACK. I’m having a small party of friends and posting up some teen comments from kids that got a free sample of books for their classroom. Yessir, we gave an entire class a copy of The Pack to read and give me feedback. Although, the book can be enjoyed by grownups, it was written with 7th-9th graders in mind.


I’ll officially start my in-person tour of The Pack on August, 14th. Come by and see me at the African American Book Expo in Columbia, MD. I’ll be hitting Books-A-Million (Dupont Circle, DC – Sept. 11th), Ukazoo Books (Towson, MD – Sept. 18th). At the Baltimore Book Fair, I’ll be giving away 2-books for just $7 with my signature, a great poster and keychain. Why do I love giving stuff away to my readers? Because I love them. Young people are my passion and writing strong male & female characters for them is my small way of respecting the strength they hold within during the most vibrant part of their lives.

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This is my official party blog site. That means that every month I’ll be giving something away. Whether it’s a poster, magnet, t-shirt, pen anything. Also, it’s a place where you can drop in and find out about what’s coming next. Also, some writing contest will be coming for a big prize giveaway for the holidays.

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So don’t be shy. Comment and when you want to find out about other YA books, Authors, Movies, Teen issues and tons of scifi stuff drop over to my LM Preston’s

And for teasers of upcoming books:
THIS IS THE LAST WEEK of WEEKLY GIVEAWAY PARTY FAVORS! CLICK HERE and send your contact information to the publisher for your freebies. Go to the PARTY BLOG click here

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