Wednesday, July 14, 2010


BY: R. Preston, Teen Guy Guest Blogger

Please welcome my son who’s offered to give a boy’s prospective on my blog. Since I write Young Adult SciFi for boys and girls in mind, I’m excited that he has agreed to post weekly this summer.

For some strange reason the new video game “Call of Duty” [COD] has caught the eye of almost every teenage boy who has ever picked up a game controller. Why is it so addicting? It is a question that we all must ask. Is it the special effects that blow all the other games out the water? Or is it because everyone plays it and you and your friends all have one special game in common?

I myself am a fan of “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”, or “COD” for those of you who play as much as me. From my experiences I’d have to say I love it mainly for how well everything comes together. It’s full of action and makes you feel like you’re truly in warfare, especially when you’re playing online against other competitors who are as good, worse, or better than you.

The one thing I love most about Call of Duty is that I can connect with my friends through it. I may not be able to hang out with them all the time since school is over and it’s hard to find the time to hang out together. But because each of us plays COD we can always find time to catch up over a good game of team death match. This is what causes the addiction. It’s such an adrenaline rush and with the realistic graphics you feel as though you are absorbed within the game, without the dangers of actually – well, being in danger.

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E.J. Wesley said...

Lovely post, R.!

As a fan of MW:COD myself, I can definitely relate to the access to friends. I get to play with guys I went to college with that live several states away! These are good friends, and it's wonderful to be able to have something that still connects us after all the years.

I think the other thing that appeals to me (as a busy adult) is that it's super easy to get into games, and I can play several matches in the hour between when I stop working and start dinner. (This guy cooks.) Being able to blow stuff up doesn't hurt the game, either. :0)

Are you considering a career in video game journalism? It's a growing industry, and you write very well!

Have fun with the rest of your summer, and thank your mother for letting you share.

ReviewerRachel said...

Awesome post.

I can relate on some level. I don't play COD but I play the Indiana Jones Wii game, it's not anything like COD but I agree, there is nothing like taking down some natzi's and feeling like a superhero for doing it :) haha. My sister won't play with me because in her words: "I much prefer to see you sit in the corner and read. Not knowing that you're a expert sniper makes me much more comfortable." hahaha (another reason to love it!)