Thursday, July 15, 2010

MOVIE DIVA MONIQUE Spotlight Party Guest

Hello all, please say hello to Monique, our Movie Diva. She has a Movie and Entertainment blog that is a MUST SEE. Check her out daily before you venture out to the movies or out on the town to the video store. Here’s her link www.

How are you diggin the party?

Tell me about yourself?
I'm Monique Jones, an entertainment blogger. My site,, primarily focuses on movies, but I also write about niche pop-culture topics such as Archie Comics and Harry Potter.

Are you in the book business? What do you do?
Aside from writing Polite Society and my other book ideas, I have been the art director for Aura, the literary magazine for my school, the University of Alabama at Birmingham. My sister, Ashley, who was editor-in-chief of the magazine, has been published in several literary magazines, including Aura.

Have you read any of LM Preston’s books? Say something smashingly great about LM Preston or her books.
I have been reading The Pack, and it's a really great read. Her ideas-people living on Mars, the main character being a blind girl who fights evildoers-are all really evocative.

What are you currently working on?
I'm working on several book ideas, but the one which is the most unique is Polite Society, a story about a group of young adults-some servants and some part of the elite-dealing with each other, relationships, and secrets. What makes this book unique is that it will be written entirely online. It can be read at

Big things in your future?
I hope for Polite Society to be one of my first successes in the book world, and after that, it'd be great if it became a movie or a tv show. Of course, I hope that for all of my book ideas. Other than that, I'll be using my major-journalism-to make it big in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, I can become the next Roger Ebert.

The PDF to the first chapter is attached; the first chapter as well as other info is on the site ( Also, you can use any images of the characters on the site; they're all drawn by me. Thanks for this!

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Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Thanks for the great interview, Monique! It sounds like you are well on your way! I'm intrigued by your idea of writing your book online. The proliferation of new ways of writing, and reaching readers, fascinates me.

Thanks for sharing with us! :)

LM Preston said...

Thanks for dropping in and supporting our other Spotlight guest! I can't wait to post yours :-D